Susann E. Cate Lynn

I simply love to paint.  Painting takes me to my own focused world that connects me to All That Is. I’m very happy there. 

Painting – in my studio, from a photograph on my iPad, from a still life I’ve created, from a vision in my mind, or plein air - feeds my soul.  When I paint  I feel happy, alive and focused. The thinking I do then, happens and flows with ease – I feel connected and detached at the same time. I love the feeling of experiencing something that makes me say, “I want to PAINT that!”  It’s so exciting to attempt to create and translate my experience, vision and interpretation onto canvas.

I was born and raised in Carmel-by-the-Sea, where the culture of artistic expression and extraordinary natural beauty was an everyday day part of my youth.  This helped foster my desire to express and create artistically.  My early art training consisted of elementary, high school and college art classes, all with local artists, who were gifted and supportive instructors.       I received a good foundation in color, design, composition, and life drawing.  (While in elementary school at Carmel Mission, I drew and painted the mission more times than I can count!)  I continue to take workshops and practice being a beginner.  Because many days I feel that way, standing in front of a blank canvas, or with a painting that’s wanting to go somewhere     I can’t see yet. 

How truly wonderful.