Jan Valtr

Jan Valtr was 6 years old in 1944 in Prague - formerly Czechoslovakia. In spite of the wartime conditions, she always drew and painted. "The war was still raging and my parents sent me to the country to stay with my grandfather. On the weekends my parents and my favorite uncle came to the country. Uncle Karl was a Academically trained painter and he always took me along to paint the country landscape. He even made for me a scale easel, paint box and palette."

In 1948, Jan's family escaped to Germany from the Communist regime and then to America. Her teachers encouraged her art ability and eventually she graduated from California College of Arts & Crafts and a MFA from San Francisco State University. She taught in Secondary Schools, Adult Education and, Community Colleges & University. Now retired, Jan paints for pleasure and shows her work in several local galleries, including:

MPAF Gallery on Cannery Row
Venture Gallery in Portola plaza Hotel 
Crackpot Studio in Pacific Grove