Linda Webb

Linda Webb was born in Michigan but grew up and attended schools in California. For the past twenty years, she has been teaching art to children in her studio in Watsonville, California. Her paintings have been represented in shows and galleries in San Jose, Sonora, and Columbia, as well as in the Monterey area.

Linda's current paintings of landscapes and buildings are created with mixed media. The mixing of media is not a new concept but the idea of mixing media within one painting is stimulating and offers the prospect of making new discoveries. The mediums she uses are gesso, acrylic and watercolor paint, ink and pencil. This combination of media on illustration board can create a varied and often rich surface. She starts a painting in abstract terms, looking for rhythm and movement within the composition before developing the more literal aspects of the subject. This way of working enables her to dictate the arrangement of the parts within the painting rather than allow the realistic depiction of a subject to dominate its composition. 

By combining the naturalistic and abstract sources, she hopes to create an integration of form and content in which the best of each resides without the limitations of the other. Linda’s work with line and color on paper is a way to study nature and people. She feels it is the function of art to give moments of truth to our lives and to furnish us with insight into possibilities beyond facts.