Lou Roman

Lou Roman's intense fascination with color is passionately blended in the “original California style.” She has tastefully rendered a variety of watercolor subjects and her work is found in galleries throughout the United States. In central California in the 1960’s Lou experimented with different media while pursuing artistic floral designs. Hands-on experience with Mother Nature, and her resolute desire to express herself in watercolor are most triumphantly exhibited in each of her satisfying pieces.

In the 1970’s in Minneapolis she began painting her watercolor creations. Serene cityscapes, winter scenes and landscapes broadened her perspectives. Having spent most of her life in California, Lou finds the Monterey Peninsula a painter’s paradise.

"I like to create moods in my paintings - calm or stormy, exciting or tranquil…….enticing views so I can make take an imaginary journey through my scenic painting……I hope to share the romance and excitement in the world around us." -* Lou Roman