Noriko Constant

Noriko was born and raised in Japan and moved to California in 1986. After studying oil painting in Japan, she took many classes and workshops at the local community colleges, Monterey Museum of Art, and various art associations and art institutes. Since 1997, she has worked primarily in Printmaking. Most of her works are monotype prints, primarily in black and white, with the occasional use of color. Dogs and cats are her favorite themes because she wants to express the energetic, vibrant, and humorous side of life. Animals show us there is a positive side of living filled with affection: the put-on drama of hunger, the heart wrenching welcome home.

She works on Plexiglas and copper plates, with oil - based etching ink. The process includes drawing or painting directly on the plate. The work then goes through an etching press and prints the image on printing paper. Noriko tries to work quickly in order to capture the expression or gesture and freshness of the image. Energy fills the paper with vivid and large images that cannot be avoided. Basic images have the most meaning for her.

Noriko was installed as a member of the California Society of Printmakers in 2003 in San Francisco.

Monoprint: A special, often one-of-a-kind print that might also include direct painting onto an already worked etching plate, collagraph plate, woodblock, screen, or lithograph stone. In some instances, editions can be printed by using unusual wiping techniques.