Norman Muhl

Artists Quote:

I have lived by the ocean all of my life and have found a deep connection with her rhythm and beauty. I also have a passion for fire and have chosen the art of RAKU to interpret some of the astounding life I witness at the shore.

From his beachfront studio Norman Muhl has designed some of the most beautiful objects of art on the west coast. He combines his deep passion for the ocean with a masterful sense of design. Each unique shell is finished with a dazzling RAKU glaze producing an astounding one of a kind piece with a glamorous yet organic feel that reflects a moments pause at the water’s edge.

 Norman Muhl's RAKU glazes are fired to 1800 degrees.  The hot iridescent shell is placed in a metal container lined with sheets of paper. The intense heat of the glowing shell causes the paper to explode into fire. At the right moment the container is covered with an airtight seal and left To cool. RAKU firings are a fiery ballet resulting in a unique and wonderful object of art.

 Norman Muhl has been an artist and teacher on the Monterey Peninsula for 40 years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts, glass blowing and RAKU as well as a Master’s degree in teaching. He studied RAKU with William Coleman in Los Angeles before moving to Monterey Bay. His years of experience have brought him to the mastery level with this unusual and difficult medium.