Patricia Preston

Patricia Preston feels that all her life she has been fascinated with color. A Chicago native, she lived for 35 years in the Atlanta area and now resides in Carmel, CA, where the ever changing colors of the sea and mountains have heightened her sensitivity to color and design possibilities in her batik designs.

As a student of fashion design at Purdue University, Patricia was first drawn to batik in producing clothing pieces. She then became intrigued with the baiting process itself concentrating on evolving it into her personal style. She also studied with Gabriel Sexton of Atlanta, GA.
The batik technique Patricia applies in an outgrowth of the ancient Indonesian process. After the design is established, the finished piece is produced by waxing followed by dying cotton or silk fabric. When the wax is removed with heat a network of vivid contrasting color combinations is the result.

She creates various designs from landscapes to sea life. Her most sought after design, however, is cats. After many years in the field, her work has fund a place in many homes and corporate settings throughout the country. She has appeared in the Atlanta Magazine as well as other southern publications and won awards in juried shows. Recently she has found another creative outlet in copper sculpture.