Sheila Delimont

Sheila is known for painting the landscape of her native California. These paintings hang in private collections from Atlanta to Australia, including several paintings in the Clint and Dina Eastwood collection.  She paints in pastel and oil to capture the luminous quality of the California light.  Prior to establishing herself as an artist, Sheila had a distinguished career as a city and county planner. Her work on open space and resource conservation issues won numerous regional and national awards. Her love and respect for nature are now being translated into her paintings.

Sheila studied art at Monterey Peninsula College and has taken workshops through the Monterey Museum of Art and other organizations. She has a studio in the historic Pacific Grove Art Center.  Her paintings have been exhibited in the Triton Museum,  Natsolous Gallery, Galeria Tonantzin,  and Gallery North, as well as Venture Gallery. Her work has been featured in American Artist Magazine Studio Edition and California Landscape Painters.
"I paint the California landscape – the geography of home.  California is a land of contrasts.  At times the landscape is meditative and soothing, at times foreboding.  I  explore this duality in my paintings.  I want the viewer to share my sense of awe for California's natural beauty.  To appreciate the nuances of its light and the sculptural character of its hills.  To experience the expansiveness of its oceans and rolling fields. To value this natural landscape which is our home.  It is a home that nurtures us and provides solace.  It is also a home that needs to be cherished and protected."  - Sheila Delimont

Sheila Delimont
Pacific Grove Art Center, Studio 11, 568 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove, CA 93950