Tamara Selyangina

Tamara Selyangina is watercolor artist who was born in Russia and grew up in Eastern Siberia near Lake Baikal. She has been living in Monterey for a little over seven years. Prior to moving to California, her husband and she lived in Europe for almost ten years. Traveling through Europe got her started painting.  She loves watercolor because of the subtle nuances that can't be achieved in any other medium. 

Watercolor suits Tamara's personality. For her, it means pleasure, freshness, and freedom.  Its spontaneity, its speed of execution, and its happy accidents make the process magic and exciting.

Being inspired by the beauty of nature, she is compelled to try to recreate it on paper. The Monterey County scenery contributes to her inexhaustible excitement and enthusiasm for painting.  The focus of her work is the breathtaking coastal scenery and beautiful and dramatic local nature, street scenes of Monterey, the wharfs and other numerous sights.  

You can see more of Tamara's art at: