Sachiko Yokota

Sachiko was born in Japan and came to United States in 1986. Her first ceramic work was a wine goblet using hand-building at her daughter’s art class in 1998. Touching clay, creating and shaping were fun and exciting, even before the process was  done. She waited for the clay to dry, then painted a Japanese wave pattern with underglaze, and then put the piece in the bisque kiln. Finally, she glazed the piece and put it in the high fire kiln. The work from the kiln was more beautiful than she expected. She began taking ceramics classes at MPC in 1999, and became a member of Mud People in 2002.

Her works are always a collaboration with Nature.  So she expects that her works will heal the persons who handle them. She has supplied her Ikebana vases for the International  Ikebana  Monterey Bay Chapter since 2004.