Simple Strokes of Inspiration

Watercolor paintings by Tamara Selyangina

“Good watercolor is visual poetry; word pictures translated into color images that sing, or sob, as they stir the emotions of the viewer” (Robert Wade, Australian watercolor artist).

Watercolor for Tamara means pleasure, freshness, and freedom.  Its spontaneity, its speed of execution, and its happy accidents make the process magic and exciting.

Being inspired by the beauty of nature, Tamara is compelled to try to recreate it on paper. The Monterey peninsula scenery contributes to her inexhaustible excitement and enthusiasm for painting.  The focus of her work are the breathtaking coastal scenery and beautiful and dramatic local nature, street scenes of Monterey, the wharfs and other numerous sights.

This exhibition opens August 1, 2017 and runs through August 31, 2017.