Come celebrate the art of Noriko Yoshikawa Constant and Marie-Christine Safford.  On Friday, March 9, from 5:00 to 7:00, a reception will be held at the Venture Gallery for these two amazing artists.  

Marie-Christine Safford lived in France for many years before settling in California in 1983 and finally setting up her Carmel Studio in 1994.  Marie-Christine creates beautiful sculptural work in a variety of styles and materials.  She also creates wonderful ceramics.   Her works are sometimes whimsical, sometimes classical and layered, art that reveals who she is, with her love of life,  of the moment.    Marie-Christine has always enjoyed travel (some of her favorite memories are of her life in Africa), and she hopes to be in France again soon. 




 Noriko Yoshikawa Constant was born and raised in Japan and moved to California in 1986.  Printmaking has been an important part of her life. Noriko is soft-spoken, yet strong in person and talent.  Her work is complex and intriguing, a testament to her dedication to the craft.  Noriko’s art often depicts animals, and she is well-know for her dog and cat themed prints.  She has a rare talent -- capturing a pose, giving her animal friends personalities. When looking into the eyes  of the animals in her art, it is as if they are alive.