Venture Gallery features the bold, intriguing art work of Maria Poroy.  Maria is a well-known contemporary California artist, whose award-winning work is widely collected.  New paintings will be on display at the Venture Gallery in Monterey during the entire month of June.    

Maria will be conducting a demonstration of her painting on Friday, June 29, from 12pm - 2pm.  Witness a rare glimpse into her artistic process and the creation of something remarkable.

Intensity, color, and mystery capture us as we enter Maria’s world.  Come be inspired.




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“It’s the Water..., a new exhibition of landscape paintings by Susann E. Cate Lynn, local oil painter, is opening at Venture Gallery, 260 Alvarado Street, Monterey, on August 1.  Her opening reception will be on Saturday, August 11, 4-6pm. The show will feature new paintings, 

as well as paintings on loan from private collections.   

Since learning that 25% of the children in Monterey County are served by the Monterey County Food Bank, Susann has decided to donate 10% of the profits from her exhibit to the food bank.  She hopes the community will come and help support her effort. “I was stunned to read 

this statistic - this isn’t a third world country.  No child should go to bed hungry.”

Cate Lynn is known for her evocative interpretation of water in her landscapes, and her ability to convey serenity, with contemplative moods and a sense of mysticism.  “I find the challenge of conveying water, whether it be fog, mist, clouds, the stillness of a wetland, river,

or the ‘calm before the storm’ on the ocean, to be a joyful and grounding experience”. Her paintings are in collections throughout the US, France, and the UK. 

 Online her paintings may be viewed at:; Facebook: Susann E. Cate Lynn; Instagram: susanne.catelynn. 

The exhibition closes Friday, August 31.