Simon Bull -

             Flowers are People too 
The garden as metaphor…

at Venture Gallery

March 1st –April 30th 2017

When I paint a flower, it does not matter how closely my artwork resembles my subject, the truth is it will never be a real flower. It’s only paint.

Flowers are related to one another and live in gardens, or out on the wild hillsides in spring. Each one is unique, but bears the unmistakable family resemblance.

These works have not been painted in the traditional way, by applying color with a brush, but by pouring large amounts of runny paint onto one canvas and then marrying it with another the same size so the wet paint is transferred from one surface to the other.

By doing this repeatedly a whole family of paintings comes to birth and while each one exhibits unique features, nevertheless all share the traits of a common ancestor.

I called them names like: Mother, Sisters, and Brothers. You will note that there is no Father here, he is not a painting, but is represented by the paint that flows through them all.

Finally, in the centerpiece: We Sing Hallelujah, the whole family celebrates their unity in diversity.