September 1-30: “The Romance of Boats”

Renowned watercolor artist, Tamara Selyangina, is the Featured Artist this month at Venture Gallery. A reception for her will be held Friday, September 7, from 5-7pm, at the gallery.

Tamara’s special love is picturesque harbors and boats.  She succeeds in capturing the alluring and romantic aspects of boats in harbor, using a “wet-on-wet” technique to achieve dreamy, soft watercolor scenes.  She says, “Like people, boats have their own character; the old are wise and tired, and the new are cocky and adventurous.”

A quote from Robinson Jeffers comes to mind when viewing Tamara’s watercolors - he wrote about boats emerging, “…out of the vapor and into it.”  

Selyangina is donating 100% of her net proceeds to Vera’s Hope Foundation, seeking to prevent pulmonary hypertension.