This beautiful website was built with Google Sites, the online website builder hosted by Google. It was originally designed for educational purposes, but has been embraced by all kinds of non-profit and community organizations. It is also used by larger corporations for intranet purposes. 

Google Sites has many useful and convenient features, including:
  • Easy to learn construction tools - no programming necessary
  • Customizable fonts, colors, and styles
  • Variety of page layouts
  • Easy to insert images
  • Google gadgets: Maps, Calendars, Nav bars, Uploads, Filing Cabinets, Announcements, Comments, etc.
  • Sharing and Editing permissions
  • Economical - save on hosting, designing, editing, and maintaining
  • Mobile friendly! Adjusts to the mobile device of the user.
  • Google Sites support pages
For more information about Google Sites, contact 
Marte Thompson: