For more information about membership and to submit the membership application, please contact

Sherree Anderson, Membership Chair

Information for Prospective Members

Venture Gallery is a co-op (co-operative) gallery, meaning that the member artists show an interest in the success of the Gallery as a whole, as well as in their own personal success. Selection of members is based on 1.) the quality and consistency of their work, 2.) their awards and experience in the artistic field and related endeavors, and 3.) their willingness to participate in the day-to-day operations of the Gallery. 

Since everything from hosting the gallery to changing light bulbs is voluntarily carried out by member artists, the third criteria, volunteerism, is an essential factor in the selection process. Enthusiasm, generosity of spirit, and cooperative effort have made Venture Gallery a success for over 20 years. If selected, it is expected that members work a minimum of two 4-hour shifts, pay a membership fee, plus a monthly display fee. The gallery takes a small sales commission that covers overhead. 

Thank you for your interest in Venture Gallery!