Artist Statement

My sculpture journey began a few years ago. I started with base metals and different types of patinas to achieve beautiful colors and compelling compositions. Now I use Titanium. It is a reactive metal. Heat or electricity yields brilliant colors.

I have such delight creating each new work. It reminds me of the great fun I enjoyed as a child, playing with a brand new toy of my own or my friend’s new toy. Smiles all around! I hope that feeling comes to the people who see my work....perhaps gives them a warm smile.

This new endeavor of using Titanium for wall art has not been explored completely until now. The use of electricity, a wet solution and a brush completely surprises everyone during one of my demonstrations of this process. Exploring has gotten to be somewhat of a quest for me. The quietness of a subtle color next to a brilliant color as part of my dazzling design provides me with a great big smile.